Fundraising for Startups

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Workshop: Fundraising for Startups (English)

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Fundraising for Startups (English)

Ex. Wayra/MetroTarget MD, Angel Investor, StartupFunding Expert Garan Goodman (Managing Partner at GrowGP UG)

In our focused workshop, we’ll elevate your pitch deck to captivate investors. We dive into crafting a compelling narrative, highlighting your startup’s value proposition, market potential, and unique edge. Through examples of successful pitches and hands-on exercises, you’ll learn to avoid common mistakes and effectively present your business idea. Whether refining an existing pitch or starting anew, gain the insights and skills to stand out to investors. This session is invaluable for entrepreneurs seeking to impress and for investors aiming to sharpen their evaluation criteria. Leave ready to make your startup the next investment choice.

15:00 Uhr – Welcome
15:30 Uhr – Workshop Begins
17:00 Uhr – Coffee-Break
17:30 Uhr – Workshop Part 2
19:00 Uhr – Workshop Ends
19:30 Uhr – Networking & Drinks
21:00 Uhr – End of Event

Maximum 9 Persons

Spring 2024

München • Userlane HQ